On a small, dusty highway leading out of a large Midwestern City, there lies a group of abandoned supper-clubs, penny arcades, carnivals, and other out-dated attractions. Ever since the Interstate opened, people haved used this highway less and less frequently, until, finally, almost every business was forced to shut its doors forever.

But, miles down this lonely, deserted highway, there remains one last vestige of these old-time amusements, The Poppycock Circus. Inside this circus, a group of weirdoes and assorted outcasts live and work, pinching every penny and trying to devise a way to get the circus back to its former glory…

As the Ringmaster, Mike Poppycock is the leader of the circus. A consummate showman, he is not above a small white lie to keep the circus afloat. Slightly scatter-brained and given to flights of fancy, Mike has a solution to every problem, even though applying it may be more trouble than it’s worth. But, he is never discouraged by failure, and he is quite certain that some day, some way, Poppycock Circus will rise to the top.

Chauncey is the moral center of Poppycock Circus and the voice of reason in a decidedly irrational environment. Self-educated and thoughtful, he enjoys indie music, art films, and exotic food. An idealist and an intellectual, Chauncey would love for nothing more than to get out into the world and explore it for himself. Unfortunately, he is a bear trapped in a man’s world, and until the state of bear-man relations improves, there are few places for a performing bear outside of the circus.

Benny is a scam artist and a trickster. He’s always looking to play any angle, to benefit from others’ weaknesses and misfortunes, and to take advantage of any situation. Sarcastic and condescending, when there is trouble at Poppycock Circus, you can bet that Benny is involved.
Clyde is a naive man-child who has never wanted to be anything other than a circus clown. He is eager to please and gently, but painfully dumb. Though never allowed to do much around the circus, Clyde is blind to the negative aspects of his job and is simply thrilled to be living out his dream.

Peter von Stoffel (aka Petulant Pietro) is a washed-up ex-celebrity professional wrestler. Well past his prime, Peter expends most of his energy trying to keep his massive but fragile ego from shattering and spends his days dreaming of his triumphant (and unlikely) return to the spotlight.
An ex-star of TV’s Jackass, Paul is Poppycock Circus’ daredevil and thrill-seeker, a man who is afraid of nothing (except maybe real work). Lazy, selfish and rude, The Amazing Paul is a consummate “slacker,” a hold-over from the 90’s heyday of his kind. When not jumping his motorcycle through a flaming-hoop, he is usually found watching TV or playing video games.