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9/17/06 - Hey everybody - I'm really sorry about the lack of updating this summer. Between moving to a new city and just general summer malaise, all my good intentions came to very little.

As some of you may know, I've just started my first year of law school. I (foolishly) thought I might be able to run the comic while I did this, but it's looking like I can't. At least, not this semester. BUT, I hope to have a little more wiggle room in the spring and can move to a monthly update schedule.

Like I've said before, I'm taking a long-term view of Poppycock Theater. It may lie dormant for long stretches at a time, but I have no intentions of abandoning it completely. Check back in the winter/spring for further updates, or sign up to the Notify List thingy to receive an email the next time I update the comic.

Thanks dudes!

4/10/06 - Guys I added some stuff to the site. First, I add Ryan North's amazing RSSing machine, RSSPECT. So now you can RSS my comic, whatever that means! I even added the new RSSPECT feature that allows Poppycock to be delivered hot and fresh to your email box, no questions asked.

Second, I added the commenting thingy. Now you can say things like "Good comic Steve" or "Low Price Med$ avaleble Now!" without going to your pesky email box.

Lastly, for some reason there has been slow progress on this weeks' comic, and since next weekend is the Easter holiday, I'm thinking about aiming for a Friday/Saturday update to cover both weeks.

3/29/06 - There's no new comic this week because I spent the weekend building a robot in my garage. The robot is supposed to do next week's comic, so don't blame me if it's no good. I mean, you don't blame God when some jerk scratches your car door or something. Do you?

3/8/06 - There's no new comic this week. Sorry gang, this is just one of life's bitter disappointments. I suggest you make delicious lemonade out of these lemons by taking this opportunity to go read Dr McNinja instead.

2/15/06 Due to weather-related happenings, there will be no new comic this week! Sorry, but old man winter sure did kick up a ruckus this weekend.
So why don't you check out Killroy and Tina or Thinkin' Lincoln or Reprographics or Wondermark instead I wonder?

1/02/06 Check back here on January 18th for an all-new weekly comic, Poppycock Theater.

4/5/05 Poppycock Circus will be going on a Tuesday-Thursday schedule for the next few weeks. Please do not panic or do anything rash here people.

2/26/05 What's this? The Saved by the Bell Quote of the Day has it's own blog? Why, they'll give one of those things to anybody!

2/25/05 No new comic today, but I'll see you next week with a super-secret special surprise just for you!

2/15/05 ITEM!: The smart money's on Chris Yates' new Reprographics! Rumor has it this new photocomic is reprotacular!

NEWSFLASH!: There is basically no excuse not to be reading The Secret Friend Society, unless you are allergic to good.

CORRECTION!: I totally should have linked to Strom Thurman and His Feathered Friends some time ago, but sometimes you forget things! WARNING: Contains sweary words and ADULT THEMES, so don't click if that is not your thing.

2/1/05 Happy second birthday to T-Rex and his Dinosaur Friends! Party at Chuck E. Cheese's, I hear!

1/18/05 Haha! We're back everybody! I hope the ol' switcheroo gave everybody an extra chuckle or three these past couple of weeks!

In other news, it's my birthday today, so happy birthday to me!

Also, check out the new WIGU TV comic. If nothing else, Jeff-a-roo sure gives us Webcomics news-boxes something to gab about. Also, for the record, I think this new strip looks like a really good idea.

1/10/05 For you Saved by the Bell Quote of the Day fans out there, here's a similar project I did for the ALF Season 1 DVD over at Flak.

It's probably better if you rent the DVD or something, but I heard it works on its own! That's what I've been told!

12/31/04 - Man. Today was the last ever Wigu. I'd be super bummed if I didn't believe Sheriff Rowland had something even better in the works. EVEN. BETTER.

In other news, The Saved by the Bell Quote of the Day returned for this week only over at the forum. Don't be left out when EVERYONE is talking about it in Wood Shop class on Monday!

12/15/04 - The Holiday Update Schedule will be as follows: there will be new strips Tuesday-Thursday over Christmas Week and New Years Week, for "I want to get back to Elmira to see my family" (bonus points if you get that reference).

From our "Way to Go, Dudes" department, Poppycock friends Dinosaur Comics and Acid Keg both got a deserved nod in The Webcomic Examiner's Best of 2004 List! You got good taste, Webcomic Examiner!

112/10/04 - Here is the track listing for STEVE CAREY'S CHRISTMAS MIX 2004 :

Donna and Blizten - Badly Drawn Boy
Last Christmas - Jimmy Eat World
Step into Christmas - Elton John
Santa's Beard - They Might Be Giants
Christmas Party - The Walkmen
Christmas in Hollis - Run-DMC
Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) - Darlene Love
Merry Christmas (I Don't Wanna Fight Tonite) - The Ramones
Christmas Time (Don't Let The Bells End) - The Darkness
Dead By X'mas - Hanoi Rocks
Christmas Song - Joy Zipper
The Christmas Song - The Ravonettes
Santa Bring My Baby Back (To Me) - Elvis Presley
Dig That Crazy Santa Claus - Oscar McLollie & His Honey Jumpers
'Zat You Santa Claus? - Louis Armstrong & The Commanders
Santa Claus Go Straight To The Ghetto - James Brown
All I Want For Christmas Is You - Carla Thomas
Little Christmas Tree (With Spoken Intro) - Michael Jackson
A Change at Christmas (Say It Isn't So) - The Flaming Lips
Thank God It's Christmas - Queen
Maybe This Christmas - Ron Sexsmith
Merry Christmas Darling - The Carpenters
Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home) - Death Cab For Cutie
Pretty Paper - Willie Nelson
Blue Christmas - Johnny Cash
Christmas Card From a Hooker in Minneapolis - Neko Case
Fairytale Of New York - The Pogues (Featuring Kirsty MacColl)

11/21/04 - To celebrate Thanksgiving up right, there will be no new Poppycock on Thursday and Friday. Spend the extra time watching parades, footballs, and that Norelco commercial where Santa rides the electric razor lid through the snow. You know the one.

Then on Friday, go shopping - because you're almost out of time!

11/11/04 - Links page updated to include: Jeff Rowland's hysterical new Overcompensating and The Perry Bible Fellowship!

11/10/04 - The Poppycock Circus forums have moved! We're now sharing a space with Dinosaur Comics, The Perry Bible Fellowship, and A Softer World! Come on by and say, "Hello."

11/09/04 - You can now read Poppycock Circus over at the incredible Sonic Slang! Come for the Poppycock, stay for the insightful and trenchant music and cultural criticism!

10/25/04 - This is a gentle reminder that, for the time being, Poppycock Circus updates 4 times a week, Tuesday through Friday. NOT Manic Monday.

10/20/04 - Ok, everybody, I've got a rather big announcement. The new format of the strip is taking significantly more time for me (extra time in the inking stage, lots of extra time in the coloring stage). This has put a severe cramp on my evenings and weekends, and I'm getting pretty burned out. I don't want to go back to doing a less polished strip, but something has to give.

So, in an effort to reclaim at least a small amount of a regular twenty-something's social life and to have more time to pursue other interests (namely some writing stuff I've been trying to work on), Poppycock Circus will be going to a 4 times a week update schedule. New strips will post Tuesday-Friday.

I'm sorry if this makes people sad, but I think it will result in a better Poppycock for you and a better quality of life for me.

On a lighter note, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my pal Ryan "I Make Dinosaw Cah-mics" North!

10/19/04 - I reviewded me a TV show down to the Flak Mag. I'm a regular ol' Tom Shales (but with a more convincing comb-over).

10/18/04 - Sorry about the slow loadin' of the site. There seems to be some hosting difficulties that I hope to sort out very soon. For now, I suggest you open the page on your browser, go get a cup of coffee (or decaf), and, by the time you come back, *POOF* COMEDY!

10/11/04 - I took today off because Christopher Columbus told me to. In a dream!

New comic tomorrow!

9/19/04 - Turns out ol' Poppycock Circus has been "Link of the Day" over at Chugworth Academy. So, to reciprocate, Chugworth is this week's Official "Poppycock Circus Link of the Week" ( Steve Carey 2004. All Rights Reserved). Congratulations Chugworth Academy for this most auspicious of honors!

9/10/04 - So, I've added an email mailing list AND a Buzzcomix voting button down here.

Join the list to receive the odd email from me.

The voting button is there on account of popularity. I would not be against your voting daily if'n you want.

9/8/04 - Hello. Did you have a good weekend? Oh this? Oh, it's just the newly updated Cast Page. Oh, why thank you. It's nothing really.

Also, I may be a little late in the game here, but if you haven't checked out Copper or Return to Sender yet, you should SO do so. I just read both of them in their entirety last week, and my only complaint with both is that THERE IS NOT MORE OF THEM.

9/3/04 - This year, I'm taking on this here Labor Day with GUSTO! Unfortunately for you, this means no comics until Wednesday. So, feel free to take Monday off (tell your boss or teacher I said it's cool) and tune in for a "Best of Poppycock" on Tuesday!

Have a great long weekend!

8/29/04 - Check out the new FAN ART PAGE!

Hey, this is a game anyone can play - like tag. Or even FREEZE tag.

8/26/04 - UPDATE: Ms. Rosemary Mosco, author of the incredible Bird and Moon, has gotten into the act!

This is truly an embarrassment of riches!

8/26/04 - Both Acid Keg's Steve Hogan and Andy Runton (creator of the beautiful Owly) have applied their respective inking talents to some old Poppycock strips.

Here's Andy's: Black and White and Color.

Here's Steve's: Original and Extra Crispy.

Seriously, how cool are those?

8/24/04 - Looks like Jeff Rowland jist appointed hisself sheriff of Webcartoon Town.

Best y'all obey the law, y'hear.

8/17/04 - I did an illustration over at Flak Mag for an article on Garage Sales.
If you're wondering where a caveman would get a Journey record, the answer is simple:

High school.

8/16/04 - The Saved by the Bell Quote of the Day returns today in the forum. Catch the fever!
Expect a (approx.) 1:00PM EST post.

8/13/04 - So I've added this small news box here at the bottom of the front page. Let me know if this meets with general approval at the forum or by email!

Also, I've added some stuff to the links page, including links to reviews and interviews. Check it out, why don't you?