Join this marvelous seaman as he takes you on a marvelous vacation-adventure to cartoonsville! Who knows what marvelous fantastic happenings will happen! Seriously!

Why, it's the grumpiest grump in grumptown. You know all the things you like? He doesn't! Smile Grumpapatomous - oh wait, you can't do that actually!

A time-travelling stand-up comedian from the distant future? Amazingly hysteri-tastic! Tell us, Bellyacres, what IS the deal with the peanuts on time machines? And exactly what part of the Chickenbot do Chicken McNanonuggets come from?? Hillari-tastic!

Kids everywhere enjoy the way-out tunes of intergalactic adventureneers/rock and roll sensations SPACE BAND! Jam along with Liam (the cute one), Nigel (the smart one), and Edmund (the cute one) as they lay down some far-out tracks. Space tracks!

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