On a small, dusty highway leading out of a large Midwestern City, there lies a group of abandoned supper-clubs, penny arcades, carnivals, and other out-dated attractions. Ever since the Interstate opened, people haved used this highway less and less frequently, until, finally, almost every business was forced to shut its doors forever.

But, miles down this lonely, deserted highway, there remains one last vestige of these old-time amusements, The Poppycock Circus. Inside this circus, a group of weirdoes and assorted outcasts live and work, pinching every penny and trying to devise a way to get the circus back to its former glory...


Mike is the circus' honorable leader. His favorite color is crimson and clover. Mike has never seen "The Shawshank Redemption" even though everybody keeps telling him that it's very good. Maybe he'll add it to his Netflix list. But should he get the Special Edition or regular single-disc version? Oh screw it, we all know he'll probably just get "Dunston Checks In". Again.

Chauncey is a talking bear. You can get away with that sort of thing in a cartoon. But, with CGI effects being what they are these days, the distinction between cartoon and reality is becoming increasingly blurred. You can consider the preceding sentence to be some sort of political commentary also. Chauncey would like that I bet.

Benny is a tricky little devil. He's not actually a devil, though. He's a people. A cartoon people.

A cartoon devil people? No. You went one too far.

Clyde is a dumb character, like Buddy Lembeck or Matt Damon. This provides the comedy writer a chance to go for some easy laughs when he is hard up or has a date or something. If you are going to start a web comedy strip, I highly recommend including a dumb character like Clyde.

Pete is not as strong as he pretends he is. Nor is he as classy. Pete's deal is probably that he is a real phoney - like your teachers/employer. Zing on them! Burn.

As Jackass fades ever further from the social consciousness, do you think people still "get" Paul? I sure hope so. I have children to feed.*

*No I don't. What a liar.

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